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From the 'mountain that cries' to the 'river that sings,' the Mantiqueira Mountains is one of the most beautiful regions in Minas Gerais, filled with mountains that seem to embrace us. The name 'Mantiqueira' is a heritage from the language of the indigenous peoples (Tupi Guarani), which is the combination of AMANA (rain) + TIQUERA (dripping); rain that drips. It can be translated as 'mountain that cries,' perhaps due to the large number of waterfalls and small cascades that feed rivers supplying various cities in the Southeast region of Brazil.


One of the rivers born in the Mantiqueira is the Sapucaí River, with a length of 343 km, which gives its name to Santa Rita do Sapucaí. 'Sapucaí' comes from 'Sapucaia' and is another indigenous heritage, meaning 'river that sings, river that shouts.' It is a beautiful body of water that runs through our city and brings life to the urban area. In its surroundings, we can contemplate the flocks of herons at sunset and the capybaras at dusk. It is also where nature blends with Urban Art.


Visit and fall in love with Santa Rita do Sapucaí... A Creative city in search of Happiness!


Estamos pertim das principais capitais do Sudeste. 

Uma das principais vias de acesso é a Rodovia Fernão Dias, que é bem sinalizada e você consegue chegar aqui facilmente. Se preferir, conte com a ajuda do Google Maps ou qualquer aplicativo de viagem.



Belo Horizonte a Santa Rita do Sapucaí: 450 km pela Rodovia Fernão Dias BR 381

São Paulo a Santa Rita do Sapucaí: 220 km pela Rodovia Fernão Dias BR 381

Rio de Janeiro a Santa Rita do Sapucaí: 380 km pela Via Dutra BR 116 e BR 459

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